Some features

Uniq. Features

After a great job remastering AKIZA to bring the X version, within the program you will have features such as when you get a HIT, the program will make a configurable TWEET, you can make a # trend or promote a product, we also have add-ons with different prices where you can do more things within AKIZA X.

Challenge Solver

AKIZA X has really powerful and unique plugins, this is one of them, by having this plugin in your license, AKIZA will save your 2FA's with a special format, then, if you import it to the module, the challenge (2FA) of each account will be solved very quickly, making it usable in different add-ons for botting or something similar (only works on specific types of 2Factors)

capture & output

AKIZA X has a complete capture of the account, from the number of followers, OG names, repetitions, 1-4 Letters, GIF's (with a filter that detects the frames of the images and thus guarantees that it is animated) and much more, the output is completely configurable using a priority system, without a doubt the most beautiful result you can see.

Automatic Mail Verification

We have a module to separate the registered emails with the unregistered ones, also, it will be verified that the emails of the valid accounts exist within the platform that is (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)

0 Losses

We use private Twitter EndPoints within our own API, we emulate every response, and we have real solutions against limitations and unexpected errors. (constant updates on this)

License Price's

Best seller | 100+

Single Lifetime

A single license with a permanent duration for a single computer.

15% Cheaper!

Duo Lifetime

A discounted package of two licenses, for you and your bro.

Very Soon Add-ons (You need a purchased license for this)

Very soon there will be more, making AKIZA much more than a the best Twitter Checker.
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